Monday, March 28, 2011

behind the scenes

This is an i-phone photo dump of behind the scenes, in-process, on-location, or in-transit flower pictures. Sometimes I love these pictures as much as I like the professional pictures I get back of the flowers.

Its fun to have the process documented. Flowers show up in boxes before they are arranged, and acorns are gathered from the mountains before they end up in arrangements. Impromptu oak leaf boutonnieres happen, and sometimes the light on an arrangement while it sits on the floor of my car is the prettiest.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

big blooms

This was a pretty little project by Natalie Neal. She asked me to make some big floral head pieces for Rose to wear. She used smoke bombs to get the amazing colorful plumes of smoke.

It was fun to do something a little bit different than wedding flowers. Natalie does fashion photography, fine art, and weddings too! This shoot was featured on

All photos by Natalie Neal.
Hair and makeup by model, Rose Hopper.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

not much is blooming in my garden yet except for my helleborus, but i'll take just them and still be happy. these are a few clippings from my gardens, indoor and out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


During this shoot we had a conversation about editing, and I remember stating that I had a hard time editing, that sometimes I love too many things too much to let them go. That is precisely the case with this post. So here you have enough pictures to make you drool for three days. The quality of every single one of Yan's photos is not something I can't skip sharing. Darcie said it well, they have a depth and clarity that is unmatched.

This inspirational wedding was the brain child of Diana Palmer and Darcie Sanders, they invited the rest of us to help them create this ballet inspired wedding shoot. The progression of the ballerina as she warms up, prepares, and has her grand reveal is the theme that I really love here. The contrast between the back stage ballerina, and the one performing on stage is so similar to a bride on her wedding day. The soft femininity, but also the strength of a ballerina feel so appropriate to compare to a bride in preparation for her wedding. This color palette is huge right now, and I understand why. Its stunning. Every time.

I loved collaborating on this project. I am constantly amazed and how many talented, friendly people there are in the wedding business. I could sit with all of them and talk their ears off for days while working together. Another reason to love my job even more. Each person involved contributed creatively and I love how all of our ideas came together. Darcie came up with the story board for the shoot that we used as a jumping off point, she also made the chandelier above the table. Hilary at Alta Moda Bridal gave us the idea to have the bride transform through her outfits, from the leotard to the gown. Watching Flavia work made doing hair and makeup look effortless. I was able to design tables, it was a good excuse as always to use my collections of dishes etc. I love the way it all turned out, and I want to do it again! and again! and again!

Photography: Yan Photo
Hair and Makeup: Versa Artistry
Invitations: Rowley Press
Flowers: Me

This shoot was recently featured on Snippet and Ink.