Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just sent these little numbers off for their big day and I wanted to share them with you right away.

I love my clients. I really do.
when I asked Natalie what "her colors" were instead of saying "orange and green" she said, "the colors you see when you slice open a peach" and "granny smith apple".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'd like to tell you that I always make constructive use of leftover flowers, but really I don't. Sometimes I admire them haphazardly shoved into a drinking cup by my sink until the water goes brown. Sometimes I construct them into things and model them in front of the mirror. Then I rip them apart and try something different until the stems are too short to work with and the petals are wilted. If my sister is in town, something like this happens.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was going to post flowers today but then as I was uploading them I saw the mailman walking up to my door with this.

We shipped packages to ourselves from almost every country we visited during our travels. This package was lost in the mail for a few months and I thought I would never see its contents again. (Calling just about every post office in Jordan to try and locate a package is something I never want to do again). But alas, it is here! We shipped it in a box, and it arrived in a bag. It makes me wonder what its life has been like for the past few months. These spools of ribbon and trim are just some of the fun things that finally made their way back to me.

Tying a floral bouquet with patterned ribbon is an art, one that I am anxious to experiment with. You have to find the right pattern that compliments the flowers instead of distracting from them. Most of these pictures are more subdued tones, but I have a lot of bright ones to try out this summer, and I can't wait.