Thursday, August 26, 2010

This wedding was beautiful, I can't wait to get photos back from the photographer. As these arrangements started coming together I started drooling over the color scheme. You may have seen the movie Marie Anoinette? They reminded me of the colors in the film - muted but colorful, and sort of playfully monochromatic.

Garden roses, peonies, hydrangea paniculata, fever few, geranium greens, veronica, stock, ranunculus, jasmine vine, dahlia, scabiosa, and dusty miller-probably my 12 most ordered flowers. Can you blame me? The peach and pink tones with silvery greens are so pretty for a wedding.


  1. oh wow, i tried to leave a comment a few minutes ago-but i think it was eaten. sarah.... your floral arrangements are absolutely stunning! and what is this floral blog?!? i am in awe. oh antoinette, how you inspire us.

  2. hey sarah the new header looks incredible
    - really good

  3. ok. thoes flowers are out of control. amazing.

  4. You completely nailed this one! I adore Sofia Coppola - she's my musical twin. I loved what she did with the movie - especially the music. One of my earliest inspirations for the flowers was the cover of the New Order album "Power, Corruption and Lies". gorgeous!

    There are photos of these all over facebook. Anyone who has posted photos has posted photos of these flowers. I can't get over how perfect they were!

    Can't wait to see Jill's photos!