Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was able to set up some tablescapes for a fancy new years dinner that Maryam at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech had (her blog is up for the weblog award this year!). She had some belts wrapped around cans that I used for vases on the brightly colored kids table. I filled them with bougainvillea and some citrus from around the property. I fell in love with the contrast of really saturated colors next to the silver embellishments on the container. I love the choreographed chaos of several different bright colors together.

Its pretty fun to be traveling while brainstorming for my summer weddings, I get to go on treasure hunts to find supplies for them.

Fancy Indian ribbon in saturated colors? check.

gorgeous vintage teapots in silver and brass that look like a genie might pop out of them in a puff of colored smoke? check.


  1. these photos are so so so wonderful!

  2. Amazing work - we are in love with your blog!

    We recently blogged about our trip to Marrakech too and your photos take us back there - it is such a wonderfully vibrant city - we dream to go back again - it powers such inpsiration and beauty.

    We would love you to visit our blog. We are an independent brand, creating pillows from ecclectic and vivid Dutch wax batik - we hope you will like what we do : )

    With warm wishes