Saturday, May 21, 2011

a new favorite

I have a new favorite rose, do you see it? It is such an amazing carmel color. I think I will be a favorite for a while. It is such a perfect neutral that will meld in with any color palette. These are from a wedding last Saturday. I hope they survived the furious winds that were threatening my sanity as I tried to set up an outdoor garland.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love that you kept the water in the photos too - looks great.

  2. I was dreaming about those caramel colored roses after the wedding... normally not being a rose gal, those had me swooning.

  3. I saw somewhere at your old facebook business page you are doing some changes to your studio, If you need any help with pictures of the new place or some of your AMAZING creations please let me know! I do love to be involved :)