Monday, September 19, 2011

the end of a season.

For me at least. Wedding season is a crazy thing, and this is my first year experiencing it in all its madness.
I survived.
So- tomorrow I leave for a month long break.
I will be in New Zealand and Australia...missing my favorite part of Autumn here, but enjoying spring there. I hear there are some crazy flowers there, and I cant wait to have my way with them. And if you must know, I will be attending a few of the rugby world cup games while I am there. A lady can like a variety of things, can't she?

I will still be in contact, so feel free to e-mail and I will respond when the time zone permits.
I still have plenty to share from the summer so I will keep posting while I am gone.

And- to my readers way over there on the other side of the world...have any suggestions of things for me to do and see while I'm there? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Congratulations. Wedding season is my busy time as well, but, after it's over, don't you feel like you can probably handle just about anything?

  2. Have a wonderful time down under! Congrats on a very successful busy wedding season :o)

  3. Have a wonderful time down under!... Australia and New Zeland are magical places for nature lovers, a great choice to renew ones floral energy :o)

  4. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing deserve it! I think you can count this wedding a huge success!! Congratulations...

  5. From the other side of the world, hello and welcome to our shores!

    Are you coming to Melbourne Sarah? And where else in Australia are you going? Lots of fabulous things to recommend, but too many to list without breaking it down to where you are actually going to anyway.

    These images are heavenly, btw! Love the faded beauty of the colours, as if they are aged from an old photograph.

  6. Sarah... You are headed to my homeland:) you lucky thing!!! There are so many do not miss places to see in both Oz and NZ. I'm a kiwi but have family in Brisbane so visit there often as well. Let me just say be sure and stop at aTip top for ice cream in NZ... Hokey pokey , passionfruit, boysenberry, or Apricot are my faves. Eat at all the fun cafes as well.... And of course always check with the locals for the best fish and chips! Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula is becoming one of my must see stops but it may still be a bit on the cool side. take lots of pictures and remember there are no bad choices... You'll have fun no matter what:)

  7. Hello Sarah

    Please if you come to Sydney would love to photograph you and maybe perhaps I can organise a little tea party get together if not a lunch with a few girls who are like-minded and will be truly inspired by your work. We can make it a really quick workshop event combined with food or little gathering. It will be awesome to photograph it in Kinfolk Mag style this venue will be perfect too:

    Would absolutely be an honour to do this and would be especially perfect for my new project

    My email is or my cell when you're in Australia is 0402 309 556.

    I will also send you an email.

    Cheers for now