Friday, August 19, 2011

in my garden

Just a few pictures from my garden a few weeks back. It looks completely different now, I love watching it change. Something picked from my garden ends up in everything I do, whether it is just a single arrangement or an entire wedding. I really want to grow more of my own flowers lately.

The bees are loving this mutant ivy that we have in our back yard. It is really overgrown and has blooms on it. The entire bush buzzes if you get close to it. The best part is, you can taste it in their honey!


  1. What is the flower that is lavender and had downward facing, bell shaped blooms? I've never seen a flower like this.

  2. You have a very pretty garden! I love that you have a bee hive. Growing up my parents had hives and I've been thinking of adding one to our place :)